Reliable Towing Service

Auto Towing Roadside Assistance Services Junk Car Removal

Auto Towing

Breakthrough Towing, LLC in Detroit, Michigan, is pleased to offer car towing and auto services. We are here for you when you need us with great services.

Roadside Assistance

Our auto towing and company also offers roadside assistance services. Get the help you need when you need it the most with comprehensive emergency services.


*Fast Accident Recovery
*Boost Starts
*Tire Change
*Private Impound
*Parking Structure Towing


*Cash for Junk Cars, up to $500.


Who We Are

Breakthrough Towing, LLC in Detroit, Michigan offers 24-hour-a-day towing, car towing, and roadside assistance services. We are reliable and dependable, and work hard to meet the needs of all of our customers.

We treat you with the care and respect you deserve. Our professionally trained associates have the equipment and knowledge to tackle even the toughest jobs.


Contact us to request a service and let our professionals handle all of your towing and car needs.